Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween Hootenanny - Belated Postscript & Coming Attractions...

Just a quick post to both make sure I can still operate a computer keyboard and also to assure anyone who's checking this blog periodically that I haven't died/been shanghaied etc. 

As with last year's October blogathon, the month just gone was a highly enjoyable ride but also somewhat exhausting (especially by the end), so after Halloween I frankly needed a bit of a break.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by and read anything/commented etc. And special thanks are especially due to two particularly generous gentlemen. Firstly, to Brad Hogue of Yellow Razor... I am truly in your debt sir; last month's 'thon would have been vastly different and no doubt much less interesting without your assistance. And secondly to Kevin J. Olson of Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies for organising the Italian Horror Blogathon (click here to find links to all of Kevin's own contributions)... I had a blast tagging along and am looking forward to next year's already, so thank you for taking the time to oversee the proceedings again. If y'all haven't already, head on over to Kevin's site and check out the veritable cornucopia of Italian horror goodness posted by him, yours truly and many other fine bloggers. 

I'll be returning with a proper post sometime in the next few days, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it looks like I'll be staying in Italy for another couple of weeks. I went on a complete giallo bender for the best part of a week at the beginning of this month (which is one of the other reasons I haven't posted), so I've got quite a few notes that now need writing up. But before I get to those, yet on the same subject, I'll finally be covering the second part of my Italian Horror/Giallo Double Dayer moviethon (click here for part one).

So to get us all in the mood, here's some random pictures of some good ole' genre staples... and for all the J&B pictures I'm indebted to the J&B in the Movies webpage... I swear, this stuff probably has even more screen credits than most prolific actors and actresses!


  1. You are more than welcome sir! Thanks for the shoutout and I loved every minute of the blogathon!

  2. You're very welcome yourself sir :) frankly it's the least I could do! And I'm very pleased to hear you enjoyed the blogathon. More Italian shenanigans coming soon... that is, probably early next week now...

  3. Good to see your blogging's still going strong! I'm gonna need a while to catch up (perhaps during the holidays at the year's end), because I've been taking a break from anything film-related lately (incl. blogs, podcasts, buying or watching movies, etc.) - nothing unusual for me and nothing to worry about, I do that quite often throughout a year, but I always come back! Keep up the good work, skimmed through some of it, looks pretty exciting!

  4. Hey MLP! Great to hear from you as always!

    I say it reluctantly, and it's admittedly stating the obvious, but alas there's more to life than movies eh? Taken a bit of a post-Halloween break recently myself as it happens (well, aside from watching a shit load of gialli in the first week of this month and watching one or two other movies since), hence the lack of updates. Want to get at least a couple of new posts out there before the week is through though.

    And cheers for the complements as always :)