Monday, May 12, 2014

Guest Post: Demons 6 - De Profundis AKA The Black Cat @ The Moon is a Dead World for Mayoween!

Alas that Halloween comes but once a year... well, officially that is. For some folks, and especially horror fans, every day has the potential to be a bit like Halloween... heck, it's sure as shit a more low maintenance affair than Christmas is in certain ways! But all that aside, there are thankfully many fine people out there who help to keep the horror torch burning during the months of the year that unfortunately aren't October... and Ryne Barber, of the excellent blog The Moon is a Dead World is one of them... 

I met this fine gentlemen via the horror section of Reddit (known as Dreadit), and not long after shooting the shit back and forth about that perennial favourite of mine, The House by the Cemetery, he was kind enough to ask me to contribute to a month long blogathon he's doing called Mayoween. As the name no doubt makes clear, this is essentially Halloween, but in May... the logic for choosing this particular month being that it marks the half way point between last year's Halloween and the one coming this October. 

Ryne allowed me to pick any movie I wanted, so I decided to go for this obscure late 80s Italian gem from Luigi Cozzi, which I'd just seen a few days prior to this invitation to guest post. 

I run through the production history of the film and offer my own thoughts there as well, but if anyone is confused by the title(s) and is wondering what the hell this movie is, all you need to know before digging deeper is that it was initially planned as unofficial sequel to Suspiria and Inferno and later mutated into more of a homage to Dario Argento. 

Thanks again to Ryne for asking me to contribute and be sure to check out the rest of the ongoing Mayoween celebrations at his blog... I forgot to mention this above but basically the way he's working it is to alternate between posts he's written himself and ones from guest bloggers. I've only had chance to have a brief peruse so far but I've thoroughly enjoyed what I've read... for one thing it's always great to see such a wide range of films being covered and furthermore from a diverse range of people.

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