Monday, September 23, 2013

Italian Horror Blogathon!

Just a quick note and some details regarding the upcoming '4th Annual Italian Horror Blogathon' that's being hosted by Kevin J. Olson at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies. The following comes verbatim from his superlative site:

What: 4th Annual Italian Horror Blogathon 
Where: Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies 
When: October 24-31 
Who: Anyone that wants to watch an Italian horror movie and write about it! (Seriously, you don't have to be some horror maven to participate.) 
Why: Because it's fun! (Check out past years here, here, and here to get in the spirit) 
How: Just watch an Italian horror film and write about it; any time during the blogathon send me the link either via email or the comments section, and I'll post it for all to see.

As it was the blogathon of two years ago that first compelled me to make my initial posts (though obviously only I can claim responsibility for the epic slacking that followed), I'm hugely looking forward to taking part again this year. Click the above image for a link to Kevin's blog and more details y'all!

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